The 15 chosen tracks on the DALI CD Vol. 2 differ in both musical style and rhythm. Some tracks are well-known, a few of them even true classic, others will introduce you to a totally new musical experience. Enjoy.

"Where words fail, music speaks." With Hans Christian Andersen's words in mind, we proudly introduce the DALI CD Vol. 2. 

At DALI, we are driven by a raw passion for music and its honest reproduction in the domestic environment. The development and refinement of new technologies to increase the realism of the home entertainment experience is the main objective in our quest to create what we believe to be the best loudspeakers in the world.

With this music selection you'll experience fantastic artists who put their heart and soul into their music and you'll get to explore the full potential of your DALI speakers.

We love music. We love sound. This is the vision we strive to serve with every single DALI speaker.



The 15 artist's of the DALI CD Vol. 2.


Holly Cole (b. 1963) is a jazz singer with a versatile repertoire. Throughout her career she has performed songs from many musical styles, but her most well known work is in jazz. In 1986, Cole founded a trio with bassist David Piltch and pianist Aaron Davis. With this trio she recorded a number records, of which "Temptation" is the most well-known. Lately, she has recorded with larger groups. All songs on the album are composed by Tom Waits. As such, it can be considered a tribute album.