User stories

We asked some of our female DALI owners to share their passion for music with us as well as their addiction to proper sound quality. The result is some very interesting interviews, which among other things addresses the lack of female representatives in an otherwise male dominated world of hi-fi.

As a passionate manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers and ambassadors of authentic sound, we set out on a mission, years ago, to spread the word that great music should go hand in hand with impeccable sound. In a time where more or less every i-gadget features some kind of built-in micro speakers and amplifiers, this mission has become even more important.

We all deserve to have decent sound quality in our lives. We are all born with very sensitive ears, so we are all able to recognise proper sound quality, when introduced to it. At DALI we believe that great sound is a must for everyone who cares about music - no matter our gender, genes, age or geographical origin.

Still it seems that the hi-fi world is more or less gender specific.

On that note we would like to introduce you to a few female DALI owners from around the world, who will give you their take on what music and sound means to them. They also reflect on why they think that the audiophile world lack's of female representatives.

Keep posted, as we will add interviews to this section continuously. 

Let's all enjoy the wonderful world of music.

(Photo on the right. Credit: Mina Stanojković)