MENTOR 6 awarded "Spesielt anbefalt"

Norwegian magazine "Lyd & Bilde" awarded the MENTOR 6 the title "recommended"

"These loudspeakers are almost criminally good at the asking price. And that’s not something we often say about speakers in this price range. The new DALI Mentor 6 could even teach some expensive High End’ers a trick or two."

"With costly solutions at a reasonable price, those speakers offered genuine hi-fi sound without squeezing your wallet."

"They are among the best we have ever encountered at any price."

"The solid terminals take banana plugs and spade lugs, as well as bare wire and you can tighten them to your heart’s content. This is a good example of how DALI is above using off-the-shelf solutions just to save a few pennies."

"Just as a capable subwoofer can add an extra octave at the bottom end, it feels almost as if DALI adds an extra octave at the top end."

"Mentor 6 is very nearly the perfect all-round loudspeaker."

"Mentor 6 is among the finest loudspeakers that we have reviewed this year and can definitely make life rough, not only for the competition, but also for DALI’s own line-up."