A star performer on BBC Music

One of UK's leading magazines, BBC Music, focus on audio products to help the listener get the most out of recorded classical music. DALI's LEKTOR 2 is chosen and gets 5 stars.

BBC Music's Nick Renshaw introduce the DALI LEKTOR 2, speaks highly of its qualities and names it "a star performer":

Composed and subtle

"...it proved to be a star performer, whether I was sitting a few inches from a living room wall or giving the system a bit more breathing space. The increased low-end frequency power is certainly discernible but it never dominates the overall sound. Instead it's composed and subtle while the mid-range levels are well defined and detailed."

Renshaw ends his short, but incisive review by giving LEKTOR 2 a full 5 stars.

Visit BBC Music's website here: www.bbcmusicmagazine.com.