MENTOR MENUET reviewed in Taiwan

The Taiwanese magazine AudioArt brings a thorough and analytical review of the DALI's MENTOR MENUET with a great test result.

According to AudioArt, MENTOR MENUET has the most classic look of DALI's compact speakers, catching the audiences' attention right away. Furthermore, it reveals an unexpected wide sound field compared to its size, a sound field that will surprise people a lot. Finally, even though the MENTOR MENUET's are relatively small speakers, they will not make the listeners feel that something is missing in the low frequency area.

In addition, AudioArt offers a thorough, analytical approach to illuminate the graphics attached to this article. Here's an explanation to the graphs:

Axis Y stands for "affection index". Meaning how much the reviewer has been touched by the sound performance from the given equipment. Axis X stand for "the characteristics".

1-5 is overall sound quality, including each performance in high-midrange-bass. 6-11 is the sound field, musicality, and clarity, and sonic image. 12-18 is speed, details, dynamics, and accuracy. 19 is extensity, and 20 the overall balance.

As for the graphics below, it activates five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, and earth - known from ancient Chinese cosmology) as a metaphor for the sound characteristics of the MENTOR MENUET's:

i. Metal = open, lively, and clear, ii. Wood = sweet and warm, iii Water = soft, neutral, and gentle, iv Fire = fast, strong, and passionate, and v Earth = solid, and full.