LEKTOR 6 performs admirably in Australia

The Australian AV Hub magazine Summer 2010 edition is available with a super DALI LEKTOR 6 review.

The reviewer highlights three benefits from LEKTOR 6:

*Open and fluid midband

*Musical all-rounders

*Ease to drive.

A few quotes from the review:

"We pushed the volume up beyound our usual comfortable limits and simply enjoyed the LEKTOR 6's confident handling of the music, with really good separation and detail of the instruments, while the basslines were ground out with plenty of spirit."

"There's something very seductive about the DALIs' midband sound, which enveloped us with a sweet and effortless flow. The soundstage was as broad as it was deep and imaging, solid, and cohesive."

"...the DALIs have no shortage of competition, but they're full of sonic temptation which is bound to seduce many a listener. As the main pair in a stereo music system, partnered with decent, but middle of the road electronics or as part of a home theatre system, the LEKTOR 6s will perform admirably in both roles."