The Scandinavian magazine Fidelity looks into hi-fi development during the last "difficult" 20 years, as they put in their new edition. The article is a test comparison based on two DALI speakers.

DALI MENTOR MENUET...from two decades: the DALI MENTOR ROYAL MK2 and its younger replacement, DALI MENTOR MENUET. So are we gettting ahead?

According to Fidelity, both speakers possess a basic reproduction and homogeneous insight and detail that surpasses bigger and more expensive loudspeakers solutions. Even bass reproduction, a potential risk to smaller speakers, is surprisingly good. Part of the reason for this is, Fidelity explains, the two speakers' ability to reproduce overtone structures of the bass instrument precisely.

In test comparison, the MENTOR MENUET is praised for it details, balance, extensive frequency area and better dynamics in the bass area - plus not least the ability to reproduce more power in the bass area when needed. Though, on the other hand, the ROYAL's offer a very realistic transient respons - that is, the ability to follow the electrical signal very well. Still, the MENUET's improvements are obvious - of above mentioned reasons and not to forget the physical design that appears modern and complete (for instance details such as the golden DALI logo by bass/midrange element).

So what is the conclusion - are we moving forward? Yes, it seems we are. Yet, as the reviewer, Anders Rosness, cleverly states, it's a both-and. Each time, each period, and each quality product has its own unique qualities, tastes, and qualifications. Though a speaker such as the praised and modern MENTOR MENUET does seem to be more universal, user friendly, and less "odd" than yesterday's speakers.