ZENSOR 5: Gustav Mahler revisited

In the new edition of German magazine Fono Forum, the ZENSOR model is tested against the backdrop of classical masters.

Fono Forum describes the ZENSOR background and construction principles with precision. Subsequently, the qualities of the new loudspeakers are meassured by listening to classic music pieces by Mahler and Donizetti. A quote from the testing of ZENSOR 5 to Gustav Mahler [Austrian composer (1860-1911), ed.]:

"In Mahler's Symphony No. 2 with the London Symphony Orchestra under Valery Gergiev, the double basses in the second set sounded tight, without blurring, and the brass shone silvery through in wonderfully clear sound without hardship."

And in the aria "Una furtiva lagrima" by Gaetano Donizetti [Italian composer (1797-1848), ed.], Roberto Alagna's tenor poured freely and relaxed in Fono Forum's listening room. The magazine is impressed to hear how crisp and responsive the ZENSOR's do their duty.

The conclusion is that "At this price range, the DALI's sound very good, has an elegant appearance and - last but not least - a very high level of workmanship."