IKON MK2 5.1 – Meek and sovereign

Netzwelt.de reviews the DALI IKON MK2 5.1 Surround System as a movie surround setup as well as a multi-channel music setup.

First of, the IKON MK2 5.1 Surround System was tested with a DTS soundtrack, where “…the Danish ensemble was particularly impressive with nuanced voice transmission. Emotional dialog - consisting excitement or apathy – was delicately delivered, making the dialogues especially enjoyable.”

In more action packed scenes the Surround System didn’t disappoint either: “The six Dali speakers generally know no harshness in the sound. They remain meek and sovereign at all time. And the subwoofer is literally able to blow up the listening room…” “The bursting of ice crystals not only vibrates the entire room, but also affects your neighbour. No wonder, finally the bass cube volume has reached 110 decibels.”

Secondly, Netzwelt tested the system as a multi-channel music setup: “Even multi-channel music is fun…” “Rob Halfords [from Judas Priest, ed.] voice in this live concert comes across very authentic, although the distorted guitars could sound even a touch more aggressive.”

“…the ensemble does not only look great but plays very precise, stress-free and with high resolution. And the powerful subwoofer delivers sufficient volume at the low end.”

The full review of the IKON MK2 5.1 Surround System is available at netzwelt.de.