EPICON 2 - Heavenly sound quality

The online English magazine "Trusted Reviews" has gotten their hands on the EPICON 2, and they are very enthusiastic.

The reviewer from Trusted Reviews has become weak in his knees after having become acquainted with the EPICON series.

After having tested the littlebrother in the EPICON serie, EPICON 2, the reviewer is completely sold: "Epicon 2 is the smallest in the range, and is ostensibly a bookshelf speaker - although good luck finding room for these bulky beastsnext to your Cobens and Grishams."

The EPICON 2 is praised for it's jaw-dropping design and it's amazing performance whether using it for a hifi or home cinema setup. 
With regards of using this pair of speakers as a hifi solution, this speaker is "[...] capable of a big, muscular sound, and when it comes to forceful parts of a song they really put their back into it." The reviewer especially enjoyed the remarkably agile bass when tracking the basslines on "Incognito's Surreal CD. When it comes to languid, mellifluous jazz albums or classical pieces, the EPICON 2 also shines - "[...] the sound is so natural, fluid and evocative that you simply can't help but get completely lost in the music." 

The use of the EPICON 2 in a home cinema setup doesn't make this speaker perform any less, on the contrary. The dialogue becomes remarkably clear and the EPICON 2 has no troubles reproducing the lower reaches in a ferocious, but expertly controlled way. 

So the verdict of the EPICON 2 is crystal clear: it's simply breathtaking! You'd might expect nothing less in correlation to the price, however, the EPICON 2 performs music that is open and insightfull - it's just like a little piece of heaven.

The full review is available at trustedreviews.com.

Scores in detail
Design - 10/10
Features - 9/10
Performance - 10/10
Sound quality - 10/10
Value - 8/10

Overall score - 9/10