ZENSOR 7 - Great sound quality in this 5.1 system at it's price

The German hi-fi magazine "Area DVD" has brought together a great entry 5.1 system of our ZENSOR series and what a meeting.

The favorable and affordable 5.1 system consists of four ZENSOR 7 used as both front and back speaker, one ZENSOR VOKAL as the centre speaker and one SUB E12-F. The overall design is quite appealing, but what truly impresses (especially when considering the price point) is the sound. 

According to the reviewer, the ZENSOR series provide a clear, pleasant and balanced sound. When playing "Canto Della Terra", a duet between Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman, the relatively small ZENSOR VOKAL offers a great platform for both voices and adds surprisingly harmonious between the two ZENSOR 7 in the front. The centre speaker is inexpensive and compact, and delievers a much more powerful sound that competitors shoudl be aware of. The two ZENSOR 7 in the back creates a lively scene with it's width and depth in the surround setting. The SUB E-12F delivers a great performance with a natural and homogeneous soundscape, however, it's bigbrother, the SUB P-10 DSS is one of a kind. It is without a doubt an unfair comparison due to the difference in price points and the fact that the SUB P-10 DSS is one of todays best subwoofers at the German market. With the four ZENSOR 7's, the listener experiences a joyful and dynamic bass and they have great stereo qualities. When playing "Money, money, money" (originally performed by ABBA, but in this test performed by Niels Landgren) the ZENSOR 7's plays extremely clear and transparent. The space is outstanding, the sound dissolves the voices from the speakers. 

This 5.1 system also delivers a fantastic performance when enjoying movies. When wathing "Skyfall", the system manages the acoustic tension incredible. Especially the ZENSOR VOKAL triumphs again with it's qualities when playing the title song, performed by Adele. Adele's voice dissolves well and comes evenly throughout the listening room, and the E-12F creates an excellent precision. 

Overall, AREA DVD praises this 5.1 ZENSOR system due to the fact that it gives the entry level loads of sound quality at it's price point. 


+ Above average, round and pleasant sound
+ Clean tuning of all components
+ A subwoofer with a good depth
+ Very good stereo qualities of the ZENSOR 7's
+ The ZENSOR VOKAL centre speaker surprised with complete and sophisticated acoustics
+ Excellent processing of all components


- No bi-amping terminals
- The subwoofer is only with 0/180 degree phase switch

The full review is available at areadvd.de.