KUBIK FREE - Already something special

The DALI KUBIK FREE is the first active speaker from DALI, and it already has a special place in the minds of the German hifi magazine, STEREO.

The KUBIK FREE is namely intended as a standalone loudspeaker, but with a KUBIK FREE XTRA it can be extended to a stereo setup. The KUBIK FREE is very elegant with its minimalistic design and can easily blend into any home. According to STEREO, the sound performance of KUBIK FREE is fantastic, and if you like the true DALI sound, you will also love the KUBIK FREE.

STEREO emphasizes the fact that the KUBIK FREE is very playful and easy to connect with any device via Bluetooth. Furthermore, the KUBIK FREE has several connection opportunities like aptX, optical and RCA connections, USB port and mini-jack. In correlation to its sound performance, the KUBIK FREE already takes the lead in the standalone version when playing John Butler’s “Ragged Mile”. The KUBIK FREE delivers a great audio with high precession, focus on the details and it has a strong bass.

There’s no doubt that the KUBIK FREE is very convincing in its performance and design. This is a successful premiere and the KUBIK FREE is already something special.

The full review is available in the September issue of STEREO.