ZENSOR 3 – Yet another sensation

The German hifi magazine, STEREO, has carried out a test of compact loudspeakers, and the powerful ZENSOR 3 delivered an outstanding performance.

STEREO has earlier reviewed some of the models from the ZENSOR series and with quite a success, and the ZENSOR 3 is no exception. The ZENSOR 3 is complimented for its amazing prize level and the large and potent bass. According to STEREO, The customer will with the ZENSOR 3 get one of the biggest and heaviest speakers in the test field. In correlation to the sound performance, the reviewers are very satisfied with the ZENSOR 3. The sound is pleasant, bulky, sovereign, consistent and with a very good timing. The frequency response is very smooth and there is a high efficiency.

The overall conclusion for the test is that these small boxes have a very high level. The ZENSOR 3 received the “Price tip” among the different loudspeakers due to the combination of a fantastic sound to a great price. There’s no doubt about that the ZENSOR 3 is yet another sensation in the ZENSOR family.

The full review is available in the October issue of STEREO.