KUBIK FREE - Offers better sound than its competitors

The French online magazine ON-mag has had a closer look at the DALI KUBIK FREE and sees the possibilities in both a L+R setup and stereo (+SUB).

It’s intelligent and versatile, which makes the KUBIK FREE to a fantastic speaker according to On-TopAudio. They praise DALI’s overall ability to combine a high degree of finish and musical finesse in the upper spectrum, which the KUBIK FREE also represents. The French reviewers point out that the easy ability to add the KUBIK FREE XTRA and thereby have a stereo setup. The sound performance is strong with a very clear sound giving the listener the opportunity to hear all the instruments.

"The KUBIK FREE is a very versatile product offering refined sound quality. Particularly good when it comes to voices and treble sound . Great subtlety and despite the lack of bass, it does what DALI does best; reproduce sound true and authentically."

"If you compare it against the Dynaudio Xeo 3 tested in June 2012, the DALI provide better defined high frequencies but without the scale of the latter. The couple DALI FREE + XTRA represent a very appreciable evolutive solution and offer very rich high frequencies. The whole at a very attractive price. Bravo."

At www.on-mag.fr the full KUBIK FREE review is available in French.