KUBIK FREE – Invisible quality sound

The German hi-fi website, i-fidelity, has had a close encounter with our new rising star, the KUBIK FREE, and the reviewer compliment among others the KUBIK’s ability to be heard, but not seen.

According to i-fidelity, the KUBIK FREE is without any doubt a high quality product giving its user the possibility to enjoy the many ways to connect to the KUBIK FREE. The KUBIK FREE is a real beauty with its classic looks and understated show-off effect.

With regards to the sound performance, the KUBIK FREE was tested with an Android smartphone and an Apple iPad 4 via the Bluetooth connection, and the KUBIK FREE performed very impressive. The sound spectrum is well-balanced and it could satisfy even the most demanding listener. The KUBIK FREE goes well with any musical genre - it is always present, both in quiet passages and when an orchestra or rock band performs.

The KUBIK FREE is an investment, which will provide you with an outstanding sonic performance, but also be the invisible music partner that blends easily into your home.

The full review is available at i-fidelity.net.