IKON 7 MK2 – Breathtaking level of detail

The Danish gadget website, Tweak.dk, has had their very first meeting with a pair of true hi-fi speakers: The IKON 7 MK2, and the reviewer was literally blown away, which has resulted in a score of 9/10 and an “Editors Choice” award to these classical speakers.

Tweak.dk usually focuses on gadgets and speakers for computers, so the reviewer was truly excited when having the chance to listen to a pair of true hi-fi speakers. As for the design, the reviewer points out that the IKON 7 MK2 is some of the most beautiful he has seen, especially because of all the details like the screws with the DALI-name imprinted in.

As for the sound performance, the reviewer is stunned! Starting out with classical rock like Nickelback, the IKON 7 MK2 truly performed. It was almost scaring how high a level of detail and great quality the tweeter delivers. In correlation to the midrange, this was dry and very precise – exactly as a midrange should be. When shifting genre to some house/dance music, the IKON 7 MK2 keeps surprising with an amazing bass and fantastic sound. The speakers should naturally enough also be tested with focus on movies, and also here they impress and deliver a sound in their very own class.

The IKON 7 MK2 is an amazing all-round speaker, which performs equally well regardless of the genre.

The full review is available on Danish at tweak.dk.