KUBIK FREE - Danish and high class

The Danish gadget magazine, M!, has taken a closer look on three Danish active loudspeakers: Libratone Loop, Beolit 12 and our very own KUBIK FREE.

M!’s small test of the three loudspeakers is a little bit different than in other magazines, simply because it doesn’t focus on the technical details, which hi-fi magazines usually does. M! focuses on the other hand on the wireless aspects, the volume and the overall sound image.

According to M!, the KUBIK FREE is made for use inside the house due to lack of a handle and battery. However, one has the opportunity to connect a KUBIK XTRA, which suddenly gives you a full stereo setup to replace your other speakers. As the only one of the speakers in the test, KUBIK FREE uses the Apt-X codex for Bluetooth, which should mean that the sound quality is close to CD-quality. Many might be fooled by the rather small size, but the four times 25 W can really perform and will make your neighbors come knock on your door. With that being said – the KUBIK FREE is a perfect partner for your next party.

As for the sound image, the KUBIK FREE is – according to M! – made for quality conscious hi-fi consumers like with all the other loudspeakers from DALI, and this can definitely be heard. One can hear every single detail in the sound even at criminally high volume. When playing Volbeat’s “The Gardens Tale”, the KUBIK FREE delievers a powerful bass performance, and with “Klaus Pagh” by Suspekt, the KUBIK FREE passes with perfection: the beat and all the details goes straight in! “White nights” by Oh Land is full of different sound effects, and the KUBIK FREE handles them all with an outstanding accuracy.

The overall conclusion: KUBIK FREE delivers the best sound performance and has – as the only one – made it very easy to use Bluetooth.

The full review is available is in the March issue of the M! magazine.