KUBIK FREE - Elegant and entertaining

It’s versatile, easy to place and sounds impressing. The Danish gadget magazine, Lyd & Billede, loves the KUBIK FREE and gives it 5 out of 6 stars.

With its slim and elegant looks, the KUBIK FREE proposes to the design-conscious consumers, who are seeking great sound wrapped in nine different colours. The KUBIK FREE is praised for its high quality and intelligent construction with discrete wiring and a USB to charge your phone.

As for the sound quality, the KUBIK FREE truly impresses with its powerful and incredibly clear sound, and especially the midrange strikes the listener with a great sound – even when standing alone. When teaming up with its partner, the KUBIK XTRA, there comes a lot more power to the performance. The KUBIK FREE is rich and entertaining, and is a perfect musical partner with various genres of music, regardless of listening to the affectionate Miley Cyrus or the soft singer, Robin Thicke. The bass is rhythmic, and all together, the KUBIK FREE has a very well-balanced and great reproduction of the music.

The KUBIK FREE might be a bit more pricy than its competitors, but is also characterized by a high quality and intelligent musical solution providing its listener with a great bass, a warm and detailed midrange and a fine and delicate high frequency. A KUBIK FREE as a standalone plays fantastic, but pairing with the KUBIK XTRA will play twice as good.

The full review is available in the April issue of Lyd & Billede and on their website: Lyd & billede [DK], Lyd og Bilde [NO] and Ljud och Bild [SE].

Sound quality - 5/6
Functionality - 5/6
Ease of use - 5/6
Quality - 5/6

Overall score - 5/6