IKON 2 MK2 – Dares to be different

The UK hi-fi magazine, Hi-fi Choice, has carried out a group test of standmount speakers between £639-£810, and here among they became pleasantly acquainted with our IKON 2 MK2 resulting in 4 out of 5 stars.

The IKON 2 MK2 dares to be different in its looks thanks to its three-way design, and is praised for its ribbon tweeters, which are rare in speakers under £700. The IKON 2 MK2 delivers a delicacy and spaciousness in its sound performance, and in terms of the overall performance, the IKON 2 MK2 is “An interesting speaker, there’s nothing weak anywhere and it’s never a boring listen […].”

Here are some take outs from the review:

“The DALI comes over as a well engineered loudspeaker with a surprisingly extended and firm bass, but this never overpowers the listener.”

“[…] the music flows along well, the DALI managing to throw out just enough timbral detail to keep the listener gripped.”

“A pleasant, engaging speaker with a lovely, sparkling treble – but a little on the bright side of life.”

“[…], despite being bright, the tweeter(s) never sound harsh; they’re obviously good quality and really add to the speaker’s overall performance with excellent filigree detail on struck steel string guitars.”

The full review is available in the May issue of Hi-fi Choice.