DALI SPEKTOR 6: A remarkable speaker!

Top of the feasible and unchallanged are just some of the words used by i-fidelity.net to describe the SPEKTOR 6.

i-fidelity.net has tested the DALI SPEKTOR 6, which they impresses them. As they explain: “The price of the DALI SPEKTOR 6 currently marks the top of the feasible and should remain unchallenged for quite some time: clearly "Preistipp" and "Highlight" in one together!” 

According to i-fidelity.net, the SPEKTOR 6 "is a playful and well-built speaker. It is agile in performance and instant creates that certain feeling of listening to true hi-fi." And they conclude: "When listening to the SPEKTOR 6, you will experience a sound performance with no distortion. The SPEKTOR 6 delivers so much more that you expect."

The full review is available here (in German).