DALI KATCH raises the bar for Bluetooth speakers

The DALI KATCH features in The Telegraph's Luxury Technology section and impresses reviewer Ken Kessler!

Ken Kessler has reviewed the DALI KATCH for the Telegraph’s Luxury Technology section, where he explores its many qualities.

Emphasizing the sound modes of the Bluetooth speaker, he explains that the clear mode is optimised for a neutral response, which is the preferred mode of audio purists, while the warm mode is more bass-y and is recommended for larger rooms when the music needs a little boost of warmth.

When faced with the question of why the DALI KATCH sounds so good, Ken Kessler emphasize the 25 Watts of power per speaker and the use of three driver units on each side of the speaker.

All in all the DALI KATCH impresses in an extend that the reviewer considers buying an extra KATCH.

Read the full feature from The Telegraph here.

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