ZENSOR 5AX: Praised by Forbes for its superb sound reproduction!

Forbes reviewer Mark Sparrow explores how the ZENSOR 5 AX is the perfect solution for those who want “the lovely wide stereo soundstage of a conventional hi-fi system but without the clutter of separates.”

Mark Sparrow, Forbes reviewer, takes a close look and listen to the ZENSOR 5 AX. He looks at how the ZENSOR 5 AX offers listeners Hi-Fi quality audio without the hassle of bulky electronics.

He admires the appearance of the ZENSOR 5 AX “The appearance of the cabinet is second-to-none with a gorgeous shiny lacquer finish at the front and clip-on speaker grilles to hide the two woofers and the tweeter.” Praising the superb sound, he observes: “The first thing you’ll notice about the sound from the 5 AX is its sheer vibrancy. The mid-range is as clear as any speaker I’ve ever heard.” He comments on the simplicity of setting up the speakers, the range of inputs on offer and also adds “Switching from CD to Bluetooth was effortless and the music was presented with just as much energy, sparkle and foundation.”

The final verdict praises the ZENSOR 5 AX “The cabinet construction is exemplary and I honestly believe that if you want the conventional big sound of a classic hi-fi set up and yet you lack space, the DALI ZENSOR 5 AX are for you.”

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