SPEKTOR 2: "Agile, articulate and expressive sound"

The UK magazine WHAT HI-FI? brought the DALI SPEKTOR 2 in for a review and liked what they heard. The outcome? A 5 star review!

Five stars are awarded to the DALI SPEKTOR 2 in the recent review by WHAT HI-FI?

According to WHAT HI-FI? “These speakers display a breadth of talent few similarly priced alternatives can match.

The SPEKTOR 2's are praised for their impressive sound: “The way these speakers handle dynamics is impressive. They’re fluid and expressive, handling both large-scale swings and low-level subtleties with equal skill.” The review continues to admire the standmounters: “There’s a pleasing level of resolution here, along with the ability to organise that information into an involving and musical whole.” 

The verdict finishes off the review: “If you’re looking for a top-class pair of budget standmounters, your choice just got bigger.”

The full review is available here.

 5 star review of DALI SPEKTOR 2 speaker!