Taking the price into consideration, there is nothing to complain about, Lyd & Billede says after testing the SPEKTOR 2.

The Danish hi-fi magazine, Lyd & Billede, has tested the DALI SPEKTOR 2, which they describe as a classical no-nonsense compact speaker in the entry level segment. In their view, the SPEKTOR 2 is so cheap that you can afford to buy an extra pair. “And it is so good that should do it,” they say.

The sound is neutral with a brilliant and nuanced midrange and a bass that give bigger and more expensive speaker something to live up to. As they explain: “The sound image is big and comes out of the speakers in a way, which should be reserved speakers at several times the price.”

They elaborate, that “especially the midrange is impressive. Voices sound nuanced and pure, and it is easy to distinguish the tone of different instruments.” They add that “with help from the room, the bass is well balanced and the little unit works hard when ‘Right Hand Man’ by Hamilton is turned op. However, it works.”

Lyd & Billede’s conclusion is that “with a solid amplifier to kick life into it, you get a speaker, which sounds both bigger and more expensive than it is.”

Read the full review in Danish here.