DALI CD, Vol. 5: An album to discover

I cannot help but recommend DALI Thirtyfive Years, Vol. 5.

The Dutch hi-fi site, Hifi.nl gives the newest DALI album, DALI CD, Vol. 5, a warm welcome after listening to it.  

“There is much to discover on the new Danish collector,” the reviewer says, and though there are tracks on the CD that the reviewer does not care much for, he highlights that “every song has its own charm.”

“Despite the fact that the fifth edition of the DALI CD (and LP) no longer contains familiar tracks or world renown names, the compilation still brings a lot of listening pleasure,” the Hifi.nl reviewer says. According to him, DALI lives up to its promise as “both the CD and the LP bath in a sea of dynamism and refinement without exaggerating.” Furthermore the reviewer highlights the fact that the various musical styles as well as instruments and voices “ensure that the listener has a good reference to judge his or her hi-fi.”

The conclusion is: “I cannot help but recommend DALI Thirtyfive Years, Vol. 5.”

Read the full review in Dutch here.