DALI IO-6: "The bass is lively and knows how to be very present when the music requires it"

The DALI IO-6 has been reviewed by Valentin Lefort on the blog section of SON-VIDEO.com with praise for the bass, intuitive interface and comfort as a result.

Starting off with Michael Jackson's - Off the wall, the reviewer stated that:

"When listening to Michael Jackson's Off the Wall, the Dali IO-6 headphones are very dynamic. Each effect is perfectly rendered and stands out very well from the rest of the scene. The voice of the king of pop is extremely clear and perfectly placed. We are transported and cradled by the different arrangements. The snare drum beats the title and has never been so good."

After listening to several tracks on the DALI IO-6 the reviewer was impressed with the bass saying: "On the various tracks listened, the Dali IO-6 confirms its dynamic character. The bass is lively and knows how to be very present when the music requires it, without taking precedence over the rest of the instruments."

Their is also praise for the DALI IO's intuitive interface and its comfort with the final conclusion being:

"With the Dali IO-6 and Dali IO-4 headphones the Danish manufacturer is once again demonstrating its know-how in the design of loudspeakers. We find a rich sound signature, detailed and very dynamic. The bass is present, without ever impinging on the rest of the sound stage, even when the volume is exaggeratedly pushed. The thick ear cushions and the padding of the headband ensure a great comfort of use, even after long hours of listening. The passive isolation of the Dali IO-6 headset was very effective, so we only needed to actively reduce the noise in very noisy environments."

You can read the full review (in French) on Son-video.com