ZENSOR 1 - five stars in WHAT HI-FI?

The new DALI speaker receives a downright excellent review in the June 2011 edition of the British magazine.

We are very proud to learn that our new ZENSOR 1 is being praised for brilliant detail, excellent tonal balance, and compact and flexible design amongst many other features.
The full review will be available within in short time; in the meantime, here's a few quotes from this fabulous review:

Testing the ZENSOR 1's on Eric Bibb's music, WHF are impressed by how crisp and precise the speakers are and continues that:
"Bibb's playing and singing is all about soul - and that's what the ZENSOR's give you".
"They provide a wide, open soundstage...presentation is airy and spacious, with nice separation to instruments...the bass remains tight and punchy."

The reviewer concludes that the ZENSOR's sound of a lot more than speakers at this price range:
"...they're more detailed and precise than that, more grown up and more downright musical - and that makes them a serious bargain."

5 stars and sheer positive words to DALI ZENSOR 1!