ZENSOR 1 group test winner in WHF

Even more impressive when confronted by some putative rivals, WHAT HI-FI? states in their new edition.

A few weeks ago, the DALI ZENSOR 1 received the 5 stars award from WHAT HI-FI? in its own right. Now, the ZENSOR 1's are back. This time, WHF judges ZENSOR 1 in a group test along with with three competitors and we're very happy to learn that the DALI's come out as the test winner - and gets another fine 5 stars award. Here's a few quotes from the test:

"...they're an open, explicit listen. Clean but not clinical...they manage to combine splendid attention to detail with an easy listenability that makes even the longest listening session fly by."

In their conclusion, which simply claims that "You really need to hear the ZENSOR 1's", the magazine explains their judgement as follows:

"...detail levels are prodigius, timing is first-rate and they handle big dynamic variations without breaking stride - but add a touch of openness and effortless focus that makes them our preferred option."

The DALI's are group test winners - 5 more stars for ZENSOR 1!