ZENSOR - "DALI for everyone"

The new ZENSOR series is very well-received. ZENSOR 7 & ZENSOR 1 receives 2x5 stars in STEREO.

Solid technique and great sound are some of the words for ZENSOR 7 and ZENSOR 1 in German STEREO magazine.

Here's a couple of quotes from the review:
"The strong drivers and four-layer voice coil of copper-aluminum are above class standard."

"And how do the Danes do sonically? Nothing to complain about!...even the small [ZENSOR, ed.] 1 trumped at Cambridge electronics with a balanced, crisp, and open sound, that is instantly fun to listen to."

"Even the most discerning customer should have a closer look at the favourable siblings...A damn good investment."

2x5 stars for DALI ZENSOR 7 and DALI ZENSOR 1.
Read the full review HERE (PDF).