EPICON 6 - the new benchmark in the EUR 10.000 price range

The EISA jury member Matthias Böde has done one of the first official reviews of the EPICON 6 for the German Hi-Fi magazine STEREO.

"You will notice that we need to make use of phonetic superlatives to describe the sound of the new DALI. These are all the more necessary the more intensive we listen to the EPICON 6."

"The EPICON 6 offers a bass response, which sets the benchmark for its own and higher price ranges: It is profound but uncongested, pithy but diverse, it has stable levels but still subtle in response. … In fact the new DALI [EPICON 6] has a significantly more adult sound as well as being sophisticated and more mature, which exceed even the critical expectations."

"The speakers potential is awakened over time and sometimes you have to lure it out." As an example of this, STEREO describes how they at first didn't follow the manual, but instead toed-in the EPICON's, which resulted in weak midtones and bass. But when the speakers were gradually turned away from each other, a more and more whole-blood sound emerged. This culminated when the speakers were finally placed in a parallel front-facing position (which we recommend) that led to the conclusion: "optimal" position.

"Even in various settings, the speakers delivered a great degree of audiophile explosiveness and at the same time created a musical arc of suspense which is only expected from more expensive products. One of our colleagues expressed it in the following way: “Even if they were twice the actual price, you wouldn't complain.”

"DALI introduces a new level of high quality, where excellent technology is offered in exquisite packaging. This makes it possible for design-oriented and audiophile customers to finally agree on the highest common denominator. We would not be surprised if the EPICON 6 became an object of desire – for all those who want to improve their living enviroment as well as listening experience."

The full article is available in this PDF (in German).