ZENSOR 1 - Natural and convincing string bass

A thorough review of the ZENSOR 1 by US Hi-Fi magazine, Stereophile, which compares it - sound quality wise - to speakers three times its actual price.

"...overall, and especially with classical music, the ZENSOR 1s sounded like BIG speakers. György Ligeti's Cello Concerto, in an open-sounding recording by cellist soloist Siegfried Palm, and Reinbert De Leeuw conducting the Schînberg Ensemble [...], had an airy sense of space, drama, and dynamics."

The reviewer finds the ZENSOR 1 well suited for female vocalists: "...Joni Mitchell's [voice] in "Urge for Going" [...] was silky, warm, and round, with significant body and decay, and no trace of coloration."

As well as jazz: "The DALI's abilities in the resolution of high frequencies made it an excellent companion for reproducing well-recorded trumpet. Miles Davis's horn [...] was biting and metallic, with a long, silky decay and plenty of air."

"With certain recordings, the DALI's bass performance fooled me into thinking I was listening to large floorstanding speakers. Marc Johnson's string bass on his Shades of Jade [...] was, according to my notes, >>the most natural and convincing string bass I've heard from speakers this small.<<"

Based on his review, the reviewer tries to determine the price range of the ZENSOR 1's : "I looked at this diminutive bookshelf speaker and tried to remember its price. Based on its sound quality compared to other speakers I've heard, I guessed it to be somewhere between $1000 and $1200/pair. [...] I was shocked to learn that the US retail price of the ZENSOR 1 is only $475/pair."

The full review is available at Stereophile.com.