EPICON 8 - Receives an EISA Award

Today our very own EPICON 8 just received an EISA Award being the Best Product in the category "European High-End Audio 2012-2013".

We are very pleased to receive this recognition of our new reference speaker, the EPICON 8, featuring our new Linear Drive Magnet System. A system which eliminates four levels of distortion - producing a much clearer and true-to-nature experience.

The EISA committee justify their decision with these words:
"Danish loudspeaker brand DALI is no stranger to the high-end and this latest addition to the EPICON range is appropriately ‘epic’"

"Its sound is equally impressive, at once bold and intimate, its broad soundstage peppered with musical detail, filling the largest of rooms with ease."

More information is available at the EISA site.