EPICON 6 - Receives 6/6 stars

The Nordic hi-fi magazine Lyd & Billede has had a close encounter with the EPICON 6 earlier this year - the result was a full range of stars.

The reviewer highlights one of the true forces of the EPICON 6's: they deliver the same performance at high volumes as well as low - the sound stage is the same nonetheless. And as he emphasizes, the EPICON's don't demand a lot of power to reach these high volumes, though, as he continues, it really pays off to use proper equipment.

"Just listen to George Bensons funky take on Donny Hathaways "The Ghetto" with [his] vibrant and dynamic percussion and clean, deep notes from the bass guitar."
"The DALI speaker disappears in the soundstage" - the sound of each instrument is liberated and positioned with precision in the soundstage thanks to an extreme holography. 

The conclusion
"DALI has implemented innovative technology to reduce the distortion in the EPICON 6 to an absolute minimum. And the difference is obvious. They are so damn free of distortion that you get in closer contact with the music. The dynamic contrast is extreme, the resolution is in a league of its own, and the soundstage is wide and precise."

- Geir Nordby, lydogbilde.no / lydogbillede.dk

The full review is available at lydogbillede.dk (Danish) and lydogbilde.no (Norwegian).