ZENSOR 1 - Great sound and rich details

The Dutch consumer site "Beste Product" has reviewed the ZENSOR 1.

The reviewers from the Dutch comsumer site "Beste Product" starts the ZENSOR 1 review by asking if the ZENSOR 1's could be the best standing speakers on the market. Before answering the question, the reviewers goes through the build quality/ design, user experience, sound- and price quality.

The ZENSOR 1 has a fine finish and build quality, and the many years of experience in producing loudspeakers definitely shows in correlation to the user experience, where the ZENSOR 1's prove themselves very handy. However, where the ZENSOR 1's truly remark themselves is in terms of sound quality. They sound really, really good for a set in this class, and provides the reviewers with rich details and they are truly pleasantly surprised with the ZENSOR 1's. When it comes to the price, the reviewers belive that it is hard to find a set that performs better than the ZENSOR 1's.

The overall conclusion of the review of the ZENSOR 1 is that they are definitely worth a purchase if one is looking for great sound at a very reasonable price.

So are the ZENSOR 1 the best standing speakers on the market? The answer must be that they come pretty close.

The full review is available at www.besteproduct.nl