EPICON 5.1 Surround setup - Intoxicating sound

The German online magazine, Video-Magazin, has reviewed a true high end surround setup, and in this review, nothing but the sound mattered.

The EPICON surround setup consisted of two EPICON 6's, two EPICON 2's, one EPICON VOKAL as the center speaker and one DALI P10 DSS subwoofer.

The reviewers decided that when listening to this amazing surround setup, neither price or technical details should matter... Only the pure sound. This made the outcome of the listening test much more interesting.

The reviewers complimented the very precise center speaker, the well-resolved sound performance and the strong, but well-defined bass. Furthermore, the reviewers emphasized the unusually rich details as they perceived like never before. 

The EPICON surround setup truly masters the entire sound spectrum, which is proved in movies like "Master and Commander" and "Titan AE". The setup digest the tremendous moments of explosions without hesitation.

The overall conclusion of the review of this EPICON surround setup is that the sound performance of the setup is simply intoxicating and outstanding. The reviewers will only recommend it, and with this performance, what more could one want?

Test result: outstanding 93%
Price/performance: very good
+ Natural variety
+ Fine resolution
- Horizontal directivity of the center

The full review is available at video-magazin.de.