EPICON 6 - Acoustic perfection?

The German Hi-fi magazine, AREA DVD, has carried out a magnificent review of the EPICON 6, and the reviewers are very enthusiastic and praises the EPICON 6 to the sky.

The thorough review of the EPICON 6 starts with a detailed explanation of the technique behind the EPICON series and then follows a very comprehensive sound description. The EPICON 6 engages itself within a price range that should be described as very luxurious. With this comes – naturally enough – some high expectations in terms acoustic perfection. Unrealistic expectations? No. However, the question is if the EPICON 6 can meet these high demands from the reviewers.

The EPICON 6 is ideal as a performer of sound in high quality, where the vocal and the instrumental expressions are unusually characteristic. When listening to classical music or jazz, the performance of the EPICON 6 is so lively and it gives the audience an opportunity to hear every single instrument, yet as a holistic experience. The EPICON 6 performs well away from the average. The reviewers have tested the EPICON 6 with several different musical genres. Diana Kralls “Stop this World” is seems to be tailored for the EPICON 6. The deep bass is very precise, and Diana’s voice enriches the EPICON 6 with an amazing width and depth. A classical piece like Mozart’s violinist concert no. 4 in D-major, kochel 218 (performed by Marianne Thorsen and a group of classical musicians from Norway called the Trondheim Soloists) shines and reproduces the sound of the violins with a finesse and brilliance. The “Dronning Fjellrose” by Hoff Ensemble gives the EPICON 6 an ultimate playground via a precise timing and exact match. The song “Money, money, money”, originally performed by ABBA, but in this case performed by the cult band with Funker Nils Landgren brings the EPICON 6 to live with an accurate sound. Even at a high volume, the EPICON 6 gives a lot of fun giving the audience the imagination of seeing the musicians live on stage. “Living On A Prayer” was one of the first hits from Bon Jovi, and this powerful piece of music, the EPICON also copes with bravura. The dynamic that the EPICON 6 brings with is in class of its own.

The conclusion of the review is, and to answer the question in the beginning of the review: The EPICON 6 is acoustic perfect in every detail and this loudspeaker performs sound in its purest form. The EPICON 6 is visually breath-taking and every single detail is designed with the greatest care, which provides its future owners with a luxurious loudspeaker in its very own class.

The full review is available at areadvd.de.