EPICON 8 - A flagship, you can only wish for

The German hi-fi magazine, AUDIO, has had a close encounter with our EPICON 8, and they are quite satisfied.

The legacy from DALI's well-known flagship, MEGALINE, can be a little bit difficult to continue. However, the EPICON 8 has proven it's worth with the innovative SMC technology system, it's beautiful looks and breath-taking sound.

The EPICON 8 is praised for it's very fine chassis and the fact that everything in the listening test proceeds smoothly. The EPICON 8 provides the listener with a strong bass and performs great, even at high decibel when listening to Limp Bizkit and Metallica. The ease in Monti Alexander's "Hurricane Come And Gone" shows the rich details from the EPICON 8 - the rumble from the hurricane is amazing. The sound of the EPICON 8 is very convincing, and the room seems more open and every tone had a wonderful texture and lightness.

The verdict of the EPICON 8 is clear: Whether the music is hard or soft, loud or quiet, the EPICON 8 can almost do anything. The EPICON 8 is in it's class not only one of the most versatile, but also one of the affordable loudspeakers. A flagship to dream for.

Overall rating: Very good - 86 points
Value: outstanding
+ Built very nobly
+ Easy to operate
+ Transparent and handling of bass and power

The full review is available at audio.de