EPICON 6 - Danish Excellence

The Spanish hi-fi website, Hifilive.es, has had a close encounter with our EPICON 6, and it more than exceeds their expectations.

What do we truly expect from a loudspeaker like the EPICON 6? There are many possible answers to this question... The wish that music is heard as you were attending a live performance and the loudspeakers' ability to move the concert into one's own living room. The answers and desires are many, and in the attempt to live up to these high expectations, the EPICON 6 shines and delivers a unique performance.

The EPICON 6 is a brilliant result of development of new technologies within the sound performance. As for the finish, the EPICON 6 speaks for itself: fantastic high gloss finish and beautiful curves with an impressing female factor.

As for the sound performance, the EPICON 6 delivers a broad sound stage, where every instrument fulfills the sound stage creating a true sense of realism all together with a great consistency and delicacy. The sound is so warm, clear and transparent and it really states its perfection.

The experience of the EPICON 6 truly exceeds the expectations! The sound is overwhelming, the aesthetic design is amazing. All in all, the EPICON 6 is the kind of loudspeaker, where it is okay to have high expectations, and it will meet your needs at any time.

The full review is available at hifilive.es.