EPICON 6 - Once heard, never forgotten

The American hifi magazine "The Absolute Sound" has had their hands on a pair of EPICON 6, and the reviewer is enthusiastic: "[...], this is a speaker everyone ought to hear."

"And the EPICON 6 speaks for itself on this matter: I do not think anyone listening to it, audiophile or no, would fail to observe how pure and liquid is the sound, how reminiscent indeed of the ultra-low harmonic distortion of electrostatics. Once heard, this liquidity is unmistakable and likely to be unforgettable as well."

What an introduction... These words above speaks for themselves. Robert E. Greene, reviewer from The Absolute Sound, seems to love our EPICON 6's. One of the things that truly amazes him is the very low distortion, which makes these loudspeakers very interesting, and the EPICON 6's are also "[...] something of a landmark in audio history."

The sonic performance of the EPICON 6's is unique, and they have resolution and clarity. When it comes to the sound of details, the EPICON 6's shine! The details are obvious even on familiar recordings, and the inner parts are truly heard with a great clarity. With the EPICON 6's, you can "Listen to any complex music and you will be impressed at how much of the inner structure of it you can hear." What is even more fantastic, is the bass. There really is a lot of well-defined bass, which makes is possible to hear the bottom of an orchestra's performance. The EPICON 6 is an extraordinary loudspeaker, which seems to cross some barriers regarding low distortion in dynamic-driver speakers - "This is truly historic."

There's no doubt about, that the reviewer from The Absolute Sound loves the EPICON 6. To sum it all up: "But in any case, this is a speaker that everyone ought to hear. Things this important do not come along very often. [...] In the words of Schumann writing about the music of Chopin: "Hat's off, gentlemen. A genius.""

The full review is available at theabsolutesound.com