ZENSOR 1 - When music matters

The Nordic magazine "Lyd & Billede" has made a great match between our ZENSOR 1 and the Denon Ceol Piccolo.

When seeking a traditional system with a true hifi sound at a reasonable price, you have to take a closer look at this match: ZENSOR 1 & Denon Ceol Piccolo. However, there is absolutely no traditional with regards to this system. This great system has wireless network with streaming, Internet radio and Airplay is built-in, and it also has a dock for iPhone or iPad. The system can be controlled with the remote control or with an app through smartphone.

With regards to the sound quality, the reviewer points out that it is liberating to finally hear what is close to true hifi sound. The match between ZENSOR 1 and the Denon proves that these two are in a total different league then the others when it comes to the sound detail. The reproduction of the music is amazing taking the size of this system in consideration. Sophie Zelmanis' voice shines in different shades on her album "Time to kill" from 1999 in a very different way then on other systems.

It is also a great system for movies, however, the reviewer recommends one to upgrade the system with the FAZON SUB 1. With or without the sub, this is an magnificent system at a reasonable price!

The full review is available at lydogbillede.dk (Danish), ljudochbild.se (Swedish), and lydogbilde.no (Norwegian).