EPICON 6 - A true and excellent classic

The Swiss hifi magazine "Home electronics" have taken a close look at our EPICON 6, and the reviewers are more than impressed.

The EPICON 6 fills the room with music, glows and simply just invite one to go feel it. There's no doubt - the design might not be exiting in the innovative way, but no one can deny the EPICON 6 to be well-formed, classy and very elegant regardless of any of the three colors. 

The EPICON 6 delivers a performance that is exceptionally vital and spirited of character. There is a unique transparency with an enormous always pleasant timbre. The EPICON 6 truly impress with it's speaker balance for all musical styles. This speaker acts very lively and emotional, and especially the lower frequencies are more dynamic than some of the competitors. 

With regards to the musical performance, there's no doubt that the EPICON 6 deliver very high class sound. A cello sounds fully corporeal while at the same time extremely tight. Solo voices seem clearly outlined and fits perfectly into the overall musical picture. The EPICON 6 is in it's right element when playing acoustic jazz - the details sound wonderfully defined.

The EPICON 6 provide you with an incredible amount of joy regardless of what your favorite music type is. The EPICON 6 is a loudspeaker that will turn into a true classic. 

The full review is available in the May issue (No. 5) in "Home electronics".