EPICON 6 - Sonically sparkling

The French hifi magazine "Haute Fidélité" has had a close encounter with the DALI EPICON 6, and the reviewer emphasizes the quality and design.

"A quality and design to die for"

This is one of the first lines from the review regarding EPICON 6 from Haute Fidélité, and what better way to start a review. But the EPICON 6 is not only a treat for the eyes, the EPICON 6 is also sonically sparkling.

The reviewers compliment the new Linear Drive Magnet System and it's ability to reduce the level of distortion. The build quality is simply stunning and the design is very contemporary. The low frequencies of the EPICON 6 are quick, precise and articulate without any vibration of the structure even at high level. The medium is very colorful and well integrated with the bass.

The full review can be read in No. 188 in the April/ May magazine of Haute Fidélité.