EPICON 8 - Sky-high musical experience

Lyd & Billede, the Scandinavian hifi magazine, has had a close encounter with our award-winning EPICON 8, and the overall conclusion is: "Big brother" still has the absolute power!

As mentioned in the article, the big brother of the EPICON series, EPICON 8, has won the EISA award for "Best Product in High-End Audio in 2012/2013". It's younger brother, EPICON 6, was named and recommended by Lyd & Billede as the High-End Loudspeaker of 2012. The little brother of the series is the EPICON 2, and Lyd & Billede praised this in their test in 2012 for it's exquisite looks and sound. 

So the EPICON series is without a doubt a series worth to pay attention to in correlation to high-end. However, how is the price point taking the sound performance into consideration? This is one of the things that Sven Bilen, the reporter from Lyd & Billede, is taking a closer look at. 

"With the EPICON 8, it is not about the show off effect, but all about the pure and sublime sound. [...] This is indeed a big loudspeaker and it also sounds big." One of the most fantastic features with the EPICON 8 (and what the reporter sees as an important criteria for being a great loudspeaker) is that one can truly enjoy a beautiful reproduction of the music even at a low volume. Another thing is that the EPICON 8 can at any time chock one with it's quick and precise bass.

"The EPICON 8 is without hesitation an extraordinary loudspeaker, and when considering the factor quality for money, no one can match the EPICON 8." It is a magnificent loudspeaker in correlation to it's price. "With regards to the musical experience, it is able to bring all the qualities out in all kinds of music, even music not so well produced as it should be." The EPICON 8 is a loudspeaker in a class of it's own - Listen to it and you will never regret it. 

The full review is available at lydogbillede.dk and at Jyllands-Posten.dk.