EPICON 6 - A multichannel package with an epic sound

Home Cinema Choice, the English hi-fi magazine, has been looking for the perfect multichannel package. Their search ended when finding our EPICON series...

Mark Craven, reviewer from Home Cinema Choice, has been spending some time with our EPICON series. A true high-end multichannel system consisting ot two EPICON 6's as the front floorstanding loudspeakers, the EPICON VOKAL centre speaker, two EPICON 2's for the surround channels and a SUB P-10 DSS subwoofer. 

What surprises the reviewer the most, is the very large EPICON VOKAL, which could be a bit difficult to place. However, the EPICON 6's are not as large as expected, but this only makes them easier to house. The EPICON series are beautiful in their design: "All the cabinets are highly attractive and built to existing standards. [...] The lacquer finish begs to be touched and the curved edges and sloping cabinet are easy on the eye." The SUB P-10 DSS is "[...] nice to look at and not outrageously large", and can easily go along with the EPICON series.

In correlation to the sound performance, there's nothing else to say, but: "[...] this system sounds awesome, up there with the very best multichannel packages I've heard. I delivers a beautiful mixture of clarity, detail, energy and scale." The EPICON 6's are without a doubt the stars of the show - these speakers performs fantastic with both music and movies, and they are designed with the true hi-fi market in mind. 

The overall conclusion on this fabulous multichannel package is that they sound epic! "In short, this is a speaker package that I want. The build and design is superb. DALI has mixed traditional looks with a bit of modern styling, and I can't see these cabinets being out of place in  any environment. Most importantly, they sound fabolous, whether it's with energetic movie soundtracks or more sedate music material. Audition without fear!"

The full review is available at homecinemachoice.com.