EPICON 8 - The sound of temptation

The recognized British hifi magazine "WHAT HI-FI?" has had an intense meeting with our flagship, the EPICON 8.

The EPICON 8's are impressive both in size and sound, in it's sturdy building quality, and in it's high-gloss finish - also in a WHAT HI-FI? context. The EPICON series have earlier been reviewed in the popular magazine, and the meeting with the EPICON 8's at the Bristol show this year led to a review in the newest edition of WHAT HI-FI?.
"We've already reviewed the standmounters of the series and enjoyed them enough to use a complete EPICON speaker arrangement as part of our demonstration system at this year's Bristol hi-fi show. The EPICON 8's were used as the front left and right speakers in that system, and we heard enough over the three days of the show to tempt us into giving these big towers their own dedicated review. We're glad we did."

What's truly worth noticing in the WHAT HI-FI?'s review of the EPICON 8's is their admiration of the deep and powerful bass that both delivers thunder when required, but also couples it with agility and it's ability to achieve a serious volume with a low distortion: "If you value scale and absolute authority in your speakers look no further; the EPICON 8s are right up there with the very best in these respects." However, these towers are more than just muscles. 

When taking a look up at the midrange, the good news continues. Even at higher volumes, the midrange is smooth and refined. "Jubilee Street" by Nick Cave becomes convincing in both body and texture. The EPICON 8's aren't shy at all when it comes to the tweeters performance at the higher frequencies. 

"The EPICON 8's have character, and it's appealing. They're engaging and exiting, and deliver a dramatic sound of huge scale." 

The full review is available at whathifi.com.