EPICON 6 - Prepared to change its owner

In the search for a loudspeaker that can change its owner's musical life, the German hifi website i-fidelity.net became aqquainted with our EPICON 6 and also gave it a titel as a "reference" speaker.

The EPICON 6 needs no more than 30 seconds to set new standards according to i-fidelity.net. The bass can not only be heard, you can also feel it. The popular concert experience that the EPICON 6 delivers is similar to the real thing, and this impresses! 

There are high demands for quality of the reproduction from the singer and violinist Alison Krauss, and her crystal clear voice is exactly between the two EPICON 6's along with the background choir and instruments. The performance of the two EPICON 6's are flawless, and the music is truly all that matters. The EPICON 6's masters Miles Davis' "Something Else" with flying colors! According to i-fidelity.net, musical reproduction doesn't get any better than with the EPICON 6. 

The EPICON 6 performs outstanding, is very elegant, offers innovative technology and is still affordable. Within the price range of EPICON 6, these louspeakers truly stand out and impresses as well as the rest of the EPICON SERIES. It will require a whole lot of effort to take the pole position away from EPICON 6. The top quality performance is marked with i-fidelity.net's reference.

The full review is available at i-fidelity.net.