EPICON 2 & 6 - Stunning looks and superb sound

Hi-fi Choice, a UK hi-fi magazine, has made a fine piece about dealer systems in the October issue, and EPICON 2 and 6 are performs fantastic in the systems that are recommended.

Zouch Audio is the name of a hi-fi dealer in UK, and one of DALI's premium dealers. Zorch Audio recommends three different kinds of systems at three price points. Out of the three systems, our EPICON series is represented in two of the systems, and the reviewers are impressed. 

EPICON 2 is a part of the second system and from the moment that Dr. Johns "Right place, wrong time" starts, [...] it's enough to demonstrate that the components in this system gel to form something that is greater than the sum of its parts." The reviewer emphasizes this system's naturalness in every performance. It sound so natural that one would automatically assume that the sound comes from vinyl, but in this system there is also a CD-player included. It seems to be somehow immune to any kind surface noise, which is yet another strength in this setup. In correlation to the bass performance, "[...] the EPICON's reveal that they have much more bass than their relatively compact dimensions suggest that they should. [...] The bass is detailed and nuanced enough to complement the performance rather then dominate it." 

With the third system focus is on streaming music and making it sound fantastic, and here the reviewers welcome the EPICON 6. The expectations are high to EPICON 6 due to its technical specifications, and these technical specifications are translated to epic sound performance. The EPICON 6 delivers a warm and soft, but still with a very rich and detailed performance with a real depth. "Of course with the EPICON 6's in the system, bass impact is not a problem. By the standards of many £7,000 speakers, the EPICON 6 is a relatively discrete size, but the bass response is still extremely deep and powerful." The EPICON 6 show its "[...] superb fleetness of foot that is effortless and hugely entertaining" through Elliot Sharpe and Terraplane's Banking Blues. 

The full review is available in the October issue of Hi-fi Choice.