ZENSOR 1 5.1 receives a WHAT HI-FI? Award

The DALI ZENSOR 1 5.1 system receives a WHAT HI-FI? award at this year’s award show for “Best traditional package £ 700-£ 1500” in the category “Speaker Packages”.

“We've waited a long time to find a surround speaker package as good as this for less than a grand”
That’s just some of the fine words connected to our newly elected award winner, the ZENSOR 1 5.1 system, which we’re very proud to announce was honored at the industry-recognized WHAT HI-FI? AWARDS 2013.

The winners of each category were chosen among all the 5-stared reviews in WHAT HI-FI? from the past year.
The WHAT HIFI? states in the review and test of the ZENSOR 1 5.1 system that: “We’ve been big fans of Dali’s Zensor range ever since it came out. So much so that the Zensor 5 5.1 surround package built around the terrific Zensor 5 floorstanders was good enough to pick up an Award last year. If anything, this Dali Zensor 1 system is better. It’s easier to accommodate and even more consistently matched between the channels.”

Furthermore, WHAT HI-FI? arguments that this system has “[…] a combination of fluidity and dynamics we so enjoyed in the ZENSOR 1’s, but back it up with the authority that can only come with a beautifully integrated subwoofer.”

Read more about our award-winning systems in the latest edition of WHAT HI-FI? and at whathifi.com.