EPICON 6 – An affordable superspeaker

The EPICON 6 is visually more subtle and it’s maturing in the shadow of the EPICON 8 according to the German hi-fi magazine, Audiophile.

“[…], the EPICON series sets a standard in the segment of affordable superspeakers.”

The EPICON series has proven to be a true success ever since its beginning in 2012, and according to Audiophile, the EPICON 6 has the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor) in its favor due to its smaller size than the EPICON 8. “In fact, the EPICON 6 looks almost delicate, even though, technically speaking, it should not be underestimated.”

Wolfram Eifert, the reviewer from Audiophile, believes that the reason for the EPICON series were so well received in the hi-fi world is to a large extent due to the new magnetic systems. The EPICON 6 is praised for its authenticity due to the fact that people wouldn’t expect such a powerful and warm sound from a loudspeaker that indeed is livingroom-friendly. The EPICON 6 delivers an openhearted and free performance, and what makes this speaker even more wanted is the fact that coming users don’t necessarily need to make new purchases for electronics; they can use the electronics they already have, according to Audiophile. This ability is due to the good-natured load response that, and no matter what, it reveals its central virtues, which is a demonstration in itself.

The EPICON 6 might be the little sister of the EPICON 8, but with loads of power and warm sound.

The full review is available in the January issue of Audiophile.