EPICON 8 – Simply amazing

Those who haven’t heard it would think that the EPICON 8 is just a pumped EPICON 6, but after a thorough test of the EPICON 8 by the German magazine, Hifi & Records, there’s no doubt that the EPICON 8 is simply outstanding.

If size should give a first impression of what one should expect, the EPICON 8 must simply be amazing. And it is, according to Hifi & Records. With “As time goes by” by Ana Caram, the EPICON 8 shows just how low distortion that comes from the EPICON 8. The sound flows rhythmically through the speaker with piano notes sounding very much like it was happening right in front of one. The bass is incredibly deep and stunning, and here there EPICON 8 proofs that it is more confident than its younger sisters. The EPICON 8 has a fascinating width and depth of the stereo stage, and it truly shines with Arvo Pärt’s “Lamentate” with natural instruments and voices.

Give the EPICON 8 an excellent ampliflier and experience sound exactly as it was intended.

The full review is available in the January issue of Hifi & Records.